Harned: Obamacare, abortion and the pursuit of legitimacy

Obamacare represents the largest expansion of abortion policy since Roe v. Wade, with pro-abortion policies intertwined in the law affecting individuals, employers, states, and the federal government.

The law fattens the pockets of abortion providers, but most critically, advances an objective less tangible but more significant to their long-term goals—legitimacy.

Abortion-rights advocates believe that, if abortion is recognized as “legitimate healthcare,” it will become less controversial and will be viewed simply as one of many available gynecological services.

In Harris v. McRae, however, the United States Supreme Court recognized that “abortion is inherently different from other medical procedures, because no other procedure involves the purposeful termination of a potential life.”

Most Americans would agree with the Court, and would find it ludicrous for the government to endorse the proposition that obtaining prenatal care and aborting a baby are two equal and morally neutral options. Yet, such an endorsement is what abortion-rights activists most covet. [Continue Reading…]

Originally posted at the Washington Examiner