While we work hard to help bring your voice to Capitol Hill, we will need you to join AUL Action’s Team Life to make an impact there at home by your volunteer efforts. When you sign up to become a TEAM LIFE member, you will be helping AUL Action to get the word out in very simple but effective ways to us on the where you live.

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Become a Community Leader for Team Life:

  • Church Bulletin Insert: Put this in your church bulletin to let your church know that they need to help keep abortion out of health care reform
  • Organize a Townhall
    • Get a group of your friends together to educate them about the threat to life in health care reform and work together as Team Life members to Spread the Word.
    • Organize a townhall at your church or Bible study.
  • Send our Understand the Abortion Mandate Chart and our Factsheets to your friends and family.
  • Send a letter to your local newspaper editor

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